6 Ways to Become Motivated and Take Care of Yourself

Often women come to me asking for advice – “tell us how to become motivated and take better care of ourselves, become more focused and let simple things be part of a daily routine…”

Although we are always in a hurry, let’s be honest – “those who truly want to, they will find a way, not an excuse.”

Most women have a lot of responsibilities and they still manage to look beautiful and take care of themselves. I have to admit, it was not always clear to me how some women find the time, and then, eventually I became one of them and realized I am managing using a set of techniques which I will share with you.

Let me be clear- this does not mean that you are the best version of yourself 100% of the time. Sometimes there come harder days when you feel lazy and then others when you are full of energy, but you should try your best to always make best of the situation.

1. Define what it means for you to “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF”.

I truly believe that the needs of each woman are different, but the basic outcome should always be self-confidence, motivation and positive energy. If you are personally happy and satisfied with just being healthy and make-up free, then you should not wear make-up 90% of the time.

It is important that your way of living makes you ready for all the challenges each new day brings and helps you always feel good in overcoming them. My version of taking care of myself involves making sure I am healthy, fulfilling everyday rest needs, food intake, excercize, time with myself, friends and family, and doing some sort of daily activity such as curling my hair, moisturizing my skin and trying on clothes which suit my body type. The type and brand of make-up you chose has little or no effect on feeling better if your basic health needs are met.

2. Remember the feeling when you truly feel good – caring about yourself, is reflected in almost all aspects of life.

Remember the feeling when you feel good. Light, motivated, full of confidence and happy. Make use of that feeling as an incentive to start caring for yourself even when you are just not in the mood.

3. Just do one good good thing for yourself.

Even though you might feel lazy, tired or simply do not have time, do one good thing and let this good feeling slowly awaken the energy for the next good thing. You know the feeling when you do to the gym and afterwards you feel fantastic? You don’t mind dressing up, doing your hair and make-up and going for drinks? It is similar in all segments of life. Keep your head up, be positive and true to yourself.

4. Do not put things aside “for later”.

What you can get done now, do it! I used to hate washing my hair in the evening, I just wanted to snuggle up in bed and take care of it in the morning. Then, once I got up, I realized I had not washed my hair, that I was going to be late and my hairstyle always ended up messy and undone. Sometimes the little extra effort pays off. Even though it might seem tougher at first, you have a good feeling afterwards, like when you wake up in the morning looking neat and beautiful and drink coffee or get ready for work with pleasure.

5. Establish routines that will stick with you.

Having a workout schedule, an appointment for a manicure, wax or haircut will help you stick to them.

6. Simplify things if you are busy.

Use 2-3 hairstyles that are quick, wardrobe combos and make-up styles which you’re sure look good, a gym with a flexible schedule and lots of ICEBERG SALAT CENTAR ready-to-eat salad bags in the fridge in order to prepare meals in matter of minutes.

And, remember…always BE HAPPY.

Ways to become motivated and take care of yourself


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