It’s about time to change your bad habits, once and for all!

Due to the rapid pace of life, most of us do not have free time to take care of ourselves. This is something a lot women complain about, regardless of their age or status. Stay at home Moms put their children before everyone else, employed women are dedicated to their career and do not have time for anything but work, teenagers and young adults are so occupied with school and studying they believe that a healthy lifestyle is not a priority. This needs to change! Obesity is becoming a real concern as it is starting to progressively affect children and the number of modern diseases caused by poor diet and stress is increasing every day.

The biggest problem is that people think that a healthy lifestyle involves a lot of time spent preparing food and strenuous physical work. This is not true! Believe it or not – healthy recipes can be prepared in minutes and workouts can be done at home. With the help of our team of experts, Iceberg Salat Centar is here to motivate you and guide you the right way – the healthy way – the only way. We will show you that it is so quick and simple to keep healthy, be physically active and satisfied with yourself!


We invite you to enjoy delicious healthy dishes that you will prepare by yourself according to a few simple steps from our famous food bloggers. Our certified fitness instructors will help you learn how to excercize alone at home and stay motivated without going to the gym. Our experts will give you advice on how you and your family can live a vital and positive lifestyle. Follow our blog and with proper nutrition and exercise, you will help your body work faster, you will have more energy and you will be more productive.

We want you to become a regular member of Klub Zdravih Navika and become a better YOU!

Iceberg Salat Centar Team.