5 Beauty Issues Associated with Exotic Destinations

When we visit an exotic destination, we are usually full of excitement that we end up posting photos of our trip during the entire year. – sun, sea, palm trees…

Still, exotic destinations have their downsides, such as extremely high temperatures and humidity levels which in combination cause a fiasco to our skin and hair.

The same goes for hot summers in our city! In July, after a thunderstorm, the humidity is unbearable!

Here are a couple of most common issues associated with exotic climates and solutions to tame them:

1. High heat and humidity often lead to blemishes, impurities on the skin and other acne and pimple problems and/or inflammations, especially if you wear make-up often. Sweat in combination with sensitive skin reacts differently for different people. When I was on Bali and now Singapoure, I returned with inflamed skin and pimples and it happens to me every summer.

SOLUTION: Regular use of cleansing agents. Clean your skin twice a day, hydrate it and use topical on-spot for blemishes such as antibiotic creams or Flogocide. Personalized and constant care will eventually do the trick. Active oxygen spray can also be a great preventive agent, especially for people who have problems with back acne.

2. Swelling and fatigue associated with heat and humidity are my number one problem of every trip!

SOLUTION: Clean, light, raw meals made up of fruits and vegetables. Processed and heavy foods are a definite no! It is important to take in at least 2l of fluid per day, move and work-out as well as consume herbal supplements such as Diurerbe Forte ESI. Lymphatic drainage and presotherapy can also add great relief and have been my savior in the last couple of years. A cold shower is always a free and easy option.

3. Unnameable hair that just will not look good no matter how you style it.

SOLUTION: Use hair oils which will calm each strand and a hairstyle which will keep in tack. Try hair bows, braids, clips and bands which will pull your hair back and “glue” it to your head.

4. The heat and terrible feeling of skin being stuck or glued together under a dress while sitting on a bus or in a damp place.

SOLUTION: Two years ago I discovered something great in H&M, sort of like “long underwear” which provide a 2 in 1 effect: minimize the hot, damp and sweaty feeling and help you sit freely without being worried about them being seen. Plus all dresses and transparent clothes will look great because this “underwear garment” is available in a beige color.

5. Inability to use body lotion on an already sweaty and sticky body.

SOLUTION: Try using oily body washes which hydrate while showering and reduce the time it takes you to get ready.

And just as I started writing all these problems, I realized I can go on for hours, but…the idea is not to complain about the summer and hot temperatures but to enjoy them!

What are your solutions when it comes to battling these annoying heat issues?

5 Beauty Issues Associated with Exotic Destinations


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