It’s All in Our Head

Workout. While this word poses an essential part of life to many, to others this is just another obligation on their to-do list. In addition to being important for the overall health of the human body, constant and frequent exercise accelerates metabolism, promotes digestion, promotes muscle growth and contributes to a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Personally, I take great care of what I eat, which exercises I do and how often I train. The diet and training plan is not the same for everyone and it greatly depends on the constitution, age, motivation, previous experience, and so on.

Here are several things that can be done to improve the effects of training:

1. Focus: While exercising, think of what you are doing, which muscle you are contracting. It is very important to focus on each movement in order to avoid injury and get the best possible results.

2. Warm-up and stretch: It’s equally important to prepare the body for training, as it is to lower the pulse and stretch the muscle out afterwards. A good warm-up and stretching reduces inflammation and possible pain afterwards.

3. Increase the weight: Gradually increase the amount of weight which you train with and you will surely progress.

4. Continuity and perseverance: Be honest with yourself! For visible results you must train regularly, at least three times a week. This is the only way to get the body and look you want.

Integrate training into your life, make it an activity you look forward to!

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