Cardio Workout vs. Weight Lifting

There are different opinions as for why we should or should not do cardio training on an empty stomach. I, myself, go by the idea “try and see what fits you best”. Weight lifting though, should be avoided on an empty stomach because certain amounts of energy from solid foods are needed in order for this workout to be effective. Personally, I prefer to separate a cardio workout from weight lifting, which means I do cardio early in the morning as soon as I get up and lift weights in the afternoon.

Cardio training ie. training for the cardio-vascular system is something that everyone should carry out, at least once a week, in order to keep a healthy and vital body. In addition to burning calories, a cardio workout keeps your heart strong and stable by improving its functioning and reducing the risk of disease. However, when you write or pronounce the word “cardio”, people automatically think of cardio equipment in the gym (straps, bikes or steppers) or running, but that’s not the only type of cardio. For someone it will be a fast walk or jog, for others performing light exercises with the strength of their own muscles, for someone swimming. It is an activity which brings the heart rate to 60-80% of the maximum: to determine this number, subtract your age from 220 and from the given difference determine 60-80%.

We often hear that this form of training is most effective for removing fat because it speeds up the burning of fat deposits. However, we must also take into account the fact that cardio does not build muscles and it is the muscles which are actually responsible for using energy from fat. In other words, if we just run, walk, ride a bike or swim, we will not have enviable results. We must include a weight lift session which will help burn the fat and turn it into muscle.

As for the duration of cardio training, I would say that it is optimal between 35 and 60 minutes, if it is a continuous pace, or up to 30 minutes for interval cardio (fast-slow, in sections).

Here is some advice for cardio training beginners– Start with a quick morning walk as soon as you get up (maximum 35 minutes after waking up). Next time, try doing a cardio workout after breakfast or some other time during the day and see what feels better for you. When it comes to energy consumption from fat, other parameters need to be taken into account as well, in order to obtain visible results – regular weight lifting sessions, a healthy diet and regular sleep. Remember, the most important thing is continuity – being active throughout the whole year and taking care of your health every day.



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