Workout – Week 14

Today we are continuing in the same rhythm with Janka’s fourteenth week of training! Similar to all previous weeks, once again Janka has prepared a combined workout for us which includes both cardio and body shaping excercises. Cardio, or better known as aerobic training, includes any set of excercises in which the heart rate reaches 60-85% of its maximum number of hearbeats. Cardio exercises are extremely effective because they burn fat deposits, maintain endurance, and most importantly, enable all our vital body organs to function properly. Body shaping exercises, on the other hand, focus on particular muscles, so they basically “mold” a body region in order to achieve the desired visual results. Therefore, for the best effect, we recommend that you do not skip any exercises, but follow Janka’s instructions and the exact sequence she shows you.

For a full workout, combine 4 sets of 15 repetitions.


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