Workout – Week 10

Each of us has some form of motivation for working out. For some people, motivation is an aesthetic goal to which they strive, for others, the fulfillment they feel after exhausting training is their motivator, while most people exercise for health reasons, thus their encouragement is to stay fit and maintain good endourance. However, if there is no motivation present, there will be no ‘hype’, therefore your workout will be a seasonal one. This is the reason we have introduced you to Janka, one of the best fitness instructors in the country, who encourages us to work out with her from week to week and be persistant in our will. If you have not joined us so far, it is by time you start because this is already the tenth week in which Janka powers ladies with her positive energy! Watch this video tutorial and see for yourself!

For a full workout, combine 4 sets of 15 repetitions.


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