Why is Regular Exercise Important?

Continuity when working out is as important as the quality and intensity of the exercise itself. You wonder how this is possible? It’s pretty straight forward. The results are achieved by cumulating the effect of regular training and anything less than three times a week can not be considered regular.

If the time frame between two workouts is longer than three days, there is no cumulative effect because the muscle tissue quickly returns to its original state, and this can simply be called “maintenance”. Thus, if you really want to progress and make a visible difference in your body image, weight, endurance, and general health, you need to put in effort. Moreover, if you train less that this amount, your body will not be able to enter a ”workout state”, meaning your body will not be able to endure the regular exertion that serious excercise requires.

Perhaps it is best to try to illustrate this in the following way: Imagine sitting on a beach shore trying to dig a hole in the sand, while every 15 seconds a wave comes your way. You lean forward, dig a bit of sand out and the wave comes about and fills the hole. You then start again and another wave comes and brings your hole back to its original state. This pattern is endless.

If you exercise irregularly, the workout capacity of your body always returns to the beginning, hence large breaks are not recommended. For instance, you cannot give up on working out just because it is summer. It is true that we lose energy through exercising, but it is also a fact that in the recovery phase our body gains is more that it lost.

So in order to have visible results of your fitness activity, continuity is a must! Each and every workout must lean on the effect of the one before it, thus the more you exercise, the happier, stronger and faster you will feel as an individual.

For Klub Zdravih nNavika: Janka Budimir – certified trainer, nutritionist and physiotherapist



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