Which Beauty Mistakes Do We Make Most Often?

We often ignore the small things which can have a negative impact on our complexion, overall image and health.

Here is a list of some of the biggest mistakes women make:

1. Home-made facial treatments which include squeezing blemishes, pimples and blackheads. This not only creates scabs, wounds and facial stains, but can also spread an infection locally throughout the region. We are not professionals, so there is a large chance that even the wrong hand position will create a scar. Leave it to a specialist and if you do attempt a homemade treatment which goes wrong, then apply Flogocide or a cream which calms down inflammation and reduces swelling.

2. Excessive suntanning and outdoor activities without the use of a SPF – are our enemy number 1. Not only aesthetically but health-wise, the sun harms the skin tremendously. According to dermatologists and doctors, solarium is the worst thing imaginable for the skin, followed closely by suntanning without SPF. Not only when lying on the beach but also in the cafe during the first warm days. Personally, I am not a person who applies SPF when I leave the house, but when I go for a walk and I know that I will sit in the sun – then always! Reduce the risk of spots and depigmentation, slow down skin aging, and keep your health and sparkling appearance outstanding.

Brighter skin ALWAYS looks younger and smoother.

3. Exaggeration of any kind – with make-up and colors, hairstyle and aesthetic corrections can turn out bad. Everything that is moderate is nice. Watch out not to go over the top trying to look better, because you may end up with the opposite effect.

4. Excessively monitoring beauty trends and trying to follow them each time even if they do not suit your body image (clothes) or complexion (creams). Straight hair may not suit you, rich creams may not be the solution for your skin type and heels may simply not be your style. For example, boyfriend jeans are totally trendy but on me, they look hilarious!

5. Neglecting self-care as an important factor of an inner good feeling and overall good look- and I do not mean care and comfort, but sleep, rest, recreation, healthy food intake and stress relief. Beauty is not perfect symmetry or flawless make-up, but that aura that radiates and makes us as a beautiful person, even if certain individual parts are not perfect.

6. Frequent hair color changes can be fatal for hair health, and hair that is not healthy is not as beautiful no matter how well it is cut or dyed. Nourish your hair, this is what makes us feminine.

I could continue this way with another list but these are some that really affect both appearance, good feeling, and often health. So take care of yourself and try to minimize them as much as you can.

Let us know – what are your beauty mistakes that you are trying to change?

Which Beauty Mistakes Do We Make Most Often?


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