Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Some women look much younger than they actually are, all their lives. Then, there are those who look younger at a more mature age, simply because they’ve changed some things in their appearance.

I often get surprised to hear how old a woman is, and for the most part, my assumptions regarding age are incorrect. Most older women which look younger have had some form of esthetic treatment, injectable, but a small part has managed to rejuvenate their appearance with regular care.

It is a fact that people who appear younger are generally lean, thin and mobile. They work out, watch what they eat and take good care of themselves. Additionally, there are a couple of things that can be applied to create a younger, rejuvenated look:

  1. Thick eyebrows – denser and thicker eyebrows associate with youth and give softness to the face. If you do not have tattoo-ed eyebrows, try using eyeshadow or brow powder in the same shade which will make your natural brows look “puffier”. Good shape and style of the brow do wonders for the whole region around the eye.
  2. Good make-up technique– a lot of women get comfortable using a certain make-up technique for years. Then, as they age, they continue with the same make-up style not realizing that it does not suit their mature face anymore. As we are older, we need more lightweight, moisturizing textures that restore glamour, and the concealer and blush are excellent allies which tighten the face and open-up the lids. Blush applied to the inner corners of the eye and bellow in a form of a triangle, brightens up the central part of the face and provides a rested appearance. Also, when smudged towards the outer corners of the eye, it visually raises the corners making a subtle cat-eye appearance. The blush applied to the most prominent part of the cheekbone makes the face look brighter and relaxed, and with a little good mascara and some nude lipstick, the whole face looks different.
  3. Modern hairstyle and wardrobe – modernizing the hairstyle and wardrobe will youthened up the total look. If you change your hairstyle in terms of the way it is cut, its length and color, you can instantly remove a few years. This does not mean that you change everything immediately, but small changes of the type of light waves instead of straight hair as well as a more casual wardrobe will change the impression quite a bit.
  4. Facial care – taking care of your face is crucial. Whether this means using a quality cream, enjoying biological treatments or massaging areas most prone to aging, facial care is a must. According to your needs, desires and abilities, chose what suits you best, but keep in mind that it is much better to do a treatment at home every day, than only once a year. Regular facial peelings and high-quality serums keep the skin smooth and beautiful, and it looks nice even when wrinkles start appearing.
  5. Good energy – keep moving and motivated by doing things which are pleasing to you. Do not take life too seriously. Younger people have a spark and energy for fun at all times. Be one of them.

It is important to feel confident and good about yourself, this is something people around you will definitely notice.

Ways to look better and feel younger


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