Mango and Carrot Smoothie

Do your kids like to drink smoothies? Children are usually happy getting to drink anything which tastes sweet. Even when it is bitter or sour, but contains a little bit of sweetener – it is considered OK. Moms use this trick very often to hide various “yucky” and “disgusting” veggies so that their little ones would take in the vitamins and minerals they would normally refuse. It is simple – mushy gushy juices can conceal almost anything – beets, celery, spinach, kale, carrots…Some Moms even go as far as decorating the glass, which creates excitement among kids and makes the smoothie go down without any fuss at all. Perfect for a healthy snack!

Take a look at our recipe for mango and carrot smoothie and try our tactics to ensure your kids get the most out of their raw vegetables.

For the mango and carrot smoothie, you will need:
– 200ml orange juice
– 1 mango
– 1 handful grated carrots ICEBERG SALAT CENTAR
– 250ml water
– 1 tbsp. honey


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