Raw Vegetables with Hummus

Holidays bring joy, love and laughter to families and friends all over the world. Loved ones gather together during this period to eat, drink and chat about the year that is about to pass. During the festive period women almost always have food prepared for guests, because they never know who will stop by. The easiest and fastest snack which is healthy and delicious includes raw vegetables and a tasty dip! Do you agree? 

Today we share with you our recipe for a refreshing, crispy snack which your children and friends will love – raw vegetables with hummus. The nutritional benefits of raw veggies are countless, not to mention they are low in calories, ideal for digesting the heavy meals during the holiday season. Try our recipe and tell us what you think!

– 1 cucumber
– 1 bowl homemade humus
– 1 pepper
– 1 pack tofu cheese with dill
– 1 handful of shredded carrots ICEBERG SALAT CENTER
– 3 rice cakes

1. Chop/slice fresh vegetables in to sticks.
2. Serve with hummus and rice cakes.

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