How to Get Rid of Morning Exhaustion and Swelling?

There is probably not a single girl out there who never woke up swollen in the morning, feeling tired and exhausted. I am not talking only about swelling of the face, even though it’s hardest to hide, but an overall feeling of heaviness which leaves us wanting to go back to bed immediately. This sense usually lasts for days, but can even go on for months, until some form of change is implemented. Even though this is usually due to an unhealthy lifestyle which includes consuming alcohol and foods high in sodium and saturated fats, this feeling can be very unpleasant.

And then we ask ourselves – how do I alleviate this feeling as fast as possible? Since this happens to me frequently, here are a few tips which REALLY WORK and make me look and feel better:

1. ‘Dry-brush’ your entire body (massage your legs, arms and stomach with a cosmetic glove before showering and lightly tap your face with a cleanser or oil – you can find numerous tutorials and tips on the Internet which show you how to do lymphatic drainage at home).
2. Take a shower regularly and finish by rinsing your body and face with ice-cold water.
3. Do stretching exercises in the morning which will make you fresh and provide you with energy to start your day.
4. Help your body get rid of excess water by drinking a powerful beverage before breakfast, such as a gentle lemonade with ginger and mint which will stimulate the excretion of toxins and fluids and in-turn awaken your body. It will also strengthen your immune system and act positively on your skin.
5. Make a light and nutritious breakfast which does not burden the body and helps clean the inside. Try oatmeal with raspberries, some honey and almonds, a fruit smoothie with chia and flax seeds or an avocado spread on rye toast.

These tips do not make you MOMENTALLY appear different, but when applied for a couple of days, you will feel inclined with more energy and your complexion will appear healthier! However, as with everything, it is best to prevent such a feeling of exhaustion. Thus, avoid heavy foods, carbohydrates for dinner and alcohol.

When a healthy lifestyle is part of a daily routine, then skipping a day or two, even eating a whole pizza and with two beers, will not pose a problem. Living an unhealthy life will leave us with consequences in the end.

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