Healthy Games

Do your kids take in the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals from various fruits and vegetables? The most interesting and definitely the most effective way to convince your children to eat healthy foods is to turn the process into a fun game!

Apples with ninja masks

Transform apples into Ninja Turtles, make dominoes out of chopped cucumbers, smileys from peas or train tracks from bananas. You may not be aware that with this kind of creative interaction, your childrens’ imagination and creativity are stimulated which in turn provokes the development of the right side of the brain.

Batman banana

And so, turn each snack into a fairytale! Tell a story to the kids, mask them into the main character and create a scenario which perfectly fits the story you are telling. Using this tactic, your little ones will consume the nutritional values provided by fruits and vegetables, and at the same time be interested in and motivated by the game you have prepared for them. In other words, this is a fantastic way of serving your children with a daily dose of vitamins and games.

Maria and Marko have been using this tactic for years, practically since Maxim’s birth. And you know what? With a little imagination and effort, it works like a charm every time.Train tracks banana


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