Healthy Alternatives

How often do you take your children to the movies? When was the last time you watched a big screen movie together? The movie theatre is an excellent family choice during the cold months! The repertoire is adapted to all ages (from the third year), so there is always something for everyone’s taste! Cartoons are available for preschoolers, animated 3D movies for elementary school children, 4D adventure movies for teens and of course all sorts of movies for adults.

Movie theatre

Of course, that’s not all! The unavoidable and absolutely best part of the movie theatre experience for children is popcorn!

movie theatre

Almost all snacks are fried or contain additives which improve the aroma or increase shelf life. The same is for popcorn. Popcorn is full of oil and salt which is unhealthy and inadvisable for children.

Fortunately for parents, there are healthy alternatives that can also be as much fun! Pack your children chopped fruits or vegetables with various healthy dips and place them in the same packaging as nachos or popcorn. This way your kids will have just as much fun eating snacks – just healthy ones.

Maria did this exact thing when she took Maxim to the movies today. Marko, Maria and Maxim enjoyed snacking on fresh salad and veggies while watching a cartoon of Maxim’s choice!

Fortunately, there are healthy alternatives that can be fun! Pack your children with chopped fruits or vegetables, as did Maria Mom before she went to the movies today. She, Daddy Marko and Max Maxim, enjoyed the whole movie gently gnawing a fresh salad.

It’s not easy to take away popcorn, chips and gummy bears from your munchkins, but it is our responsibility as parents to teach them to eat theatre


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