Homemade Berry Ice Cream

These warm, spring temperatures have prompted us to share with you today something you do not expect – a homemade ice cream recipe! In just 10 minutes, at home, you can make a healthy ice dessert from the finest ingredients you choose yourself. So, are you ready to try?

Our homemade ice cream formula contains three basic ingredients that are responsible for its low-calorie value: creamy yoghurt, honey and fruit. So nutritious and tasty, it is suitable for children at all times!

You can choose whether you will use ice cream stick moulds or simply prepare the ice cream in a box and serve it in the form of scoops. Whatever you decide, one thing is certain – this treat will certainly cheer up all of your household members, starting from the youngest!

– 200 ml of Greek yoghurt
– 200 ml of yoghurt
– 150g strawberries
– 3 tbsp. honey
– 1 handful blueberries ICEBERG SALAT CENTAR
– 1 handful strawberries ICEBERG SALAT CENTAR
– a few pomegranate seeds (optional)

1. Combine honey with yoghurt and pour half of the mixture into a blender.
2. Add strawberries to the blender and blend until mixture is uniform.
3. In the ice cream moulds, first place chopped fruit and add yoghurt and strawberry mixture.
4. Pour the other half of the mixture into moulds and stamp in chopped pieces of fruit.
5. Leave the moulds in the freezer for at least three hours until the ice cream is fully frozen.

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Homemade berry ice cream


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