What Shall I Wear Today?

Moms, who decides what your child wears? When you are in a hurry, does your child complain “I will not wear this”, “this is ugly”, “I want to put on the pink necklace”, “I do not want that stupid dinosaur T-shirt”, and so on? Do you often get stuck in the morning picking out clothes for so long that you end up being late for work?
Children are not capable of making decisions until the age of two, however at three, they start developing interests which is when you will hear them asking for a “Mickey Mouse sweater” or a “Frozen backpack”. At the age of five, most children have fully developed their own taste in clothing, so at this time parents decide whether they want to keep choosing clothes for their kids or leave the decision up to them.

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Maxim is only three years old, so Maria is still in charge of his style. But…does she allow him to choose T-shirts with whichever cartoon hero he wants? Of course! She insists that her child participates in the decision-making process, since this is how children develop self-confidence from early childhood. Once a month, Maria even lets Maxim wear whatever he picks out from his closet, no matter how matching the clothes are. She wants Maxim to build a strong, creative and independent character and have a happy childhood.

family-fun-values-health-clothing-dress up-style-Iceberg Salat Centar

So… what happens when Maxim does not know what he wants to wear and cannot decide? Then the whole family has fun and dresses up in various fruits and vegetables! What do you do at moments when your children refuse to wear what you choose for them? Do you persuade them, make a compromise, replace the piece of clothing or let them wear whatever they want?

family-fun-values-health-clothing-dress up-style-Iceberg Salat Centar


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