Tips and Tricks to Look Good Without Make-Up

Do you know those kinds of movies in which the main character is a complete wreck and looks like a mess and then in the end she gets a make-over and looks beautiful?

So, here comes the question – how to look good right after waking up, or more importantly – how can the night help us look better?

The trick lies in the evening routine.

1. The first thing which I honestly hate but is the most important is not eating heavy food for dinner. Why do I hate it? Well, because it’s so tasty to eat a pizza and then go to bed, but nothing makes me look worse the next day than a heavy dinner made up of carbs, which not only disturbs my digestive tract, but makes me completely swollen the next day. The best meals to eat before going to bed are light ones, such as a bowl of warm broth or cream soup. Another important factor which affects swelling is sleeping in a room which is too warm – so do your best to turn down the heating as much as possible.

2. Be sure to take action and scrub your body and face, rub-in a cream and place a mask on all before going to bed. These small tricks work best during the night when the body and skin are regenerating and will help you wake up looking fresh and illuminated in the morning! No matter how tired I am, I always find some time to devote to myself. One of my favorite beauty secrets are exfoliating, peel-off masks, sheet masks and under-eye patches which I often mention in my videos because they give me a mini home facial treatment and help me wake up bright and shiny.

3. Tie your hair while in bed and sleep on a pillow lined with a silky pillow case. In the past, I used to always go to bed with my hair loose and would wake up with a messy hairstyle until I tried oiling the ends of my hair and tying it in a low pony-tail or braid which keeps my hairstyle in-tact.

4. Treatments that work overnight are homemade skin rejuvenating treatments for hands and feet, which literally change the appearance of skin. You can make them yourself using rich creams and oils, place a large amount on the area of choice and wrap your hands and feet in plastic foil, cover with socks or gloves and leave until morning. The result will be soft, gentle, beautiful skin.

5. Another great product for women who do not have eyebrows, or their brows have miniature spaces are Brow tattoo products which are applied overnight and washed in the morning. The color stays for 3 days and your brows look gorgeous.

6. Going to bed on time and getting enough sleep is another factor which is very difficult for me to follow in my “wake-up looking beautiful and fresh” quest. This is amongst the most important elements for skin rejuvenation. One thing is certain, when we end our evening with a peaceful, relaxing activity such as reading a book and fall asleep before midnight, we will look fresh and illuminated the next morning!

One thing is certain, when I prepare my body for the next day the evening before, better results are guaranteed.

Tips and tricks to look good without make-up


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