Tips and Tricks to Feel Beautiful this Spring

Spring is around the corner, although it does not seem that way right now. Every year during this period we think “I still have time before I need to work out or begin implementing beauty tips for this warm upcoming season” and spring comes up so fast that we end up saying “next year I welcome spring ready”.

The good thing is that it is not too late now to start with some (beauty) tips that will make you feel great this spring.

Thus, let’s begin with the list:

1. Throw away the excess clothes and makeup, reorganize your closet and make a list of the things you need- but before you feel that this tip is not related to beauty, believe me, it is! This step will help you feel more motivated to take care of yourself, come up with creative choices and feel overall better.

2. Start working out! Exercise outdoors with the first warmer days, in the gym, or with our fitness instructor Janka … Whatever your choice, moving will provide your body with both energy and a good feeling. Do not wait until June – exercise is not only a matter of kilograms or a good look in a bikini but a healthy way to live your life.

3. Change your hairstyle! My favorite hairstyle change is just before spring when I highlight my hair a few shades lighter than my natural color.  Immediately I feel more cheerful, happier and fresher. So, try a new hairstyle, color, shorter length this spring and look and feel better about yourself!

4. Begin cleansing your face and body from both the inside and out – take on a few lightweight detox days, do a face and body peeling, start using hydration regeneration masks, get full body massages, new colors of nail polish … Sometimes, just an afternoon for yourself makes you feel incredibly good.

5. Experiment with make-up a little – use a new highlighter for a beautiful tan, a blush which gives you that fresh look, coral carmine… Often, we get too used to the make-up technique we have been using for years because it is fast and “ok” and we forget to change anything. The idea is not to look ok, but beautiful!

6. Get up earlier and go to bed earlier – because it will not be dark when you get up in the morning and having a good morning routine will help you feel phenomenal! Okay, the truth is that when the alarm rings, you literally want to throw it out the window but once your body gets used to the routine – the feeling is great and more productive than ever.

7. Bring spring into your environment! This is not a beauty tip, but I strongly believe that when everything around us is nice and pretty that we have a greater will to take care of ourselves and radiate positively even in pyjamas without lipstick. Also,  when you feel better with yourself everything is easier – getting out of bed, paying more attention at work or school, having more energy for the kids. You don’t need to take up expensive actions, but little things that bring joy and color.

And, if you ask me, one of the things that makes me incredibly motivated and full of energy is when I feel the beautiful smell of spring in the air. When evenings are warmer, the sun shines during the entire day and nature tells us it’s time for us to awaken.



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