How to look good after the holidays?

Every year after the holidays it’s the same story: we gain a few kilos and have trouble going back to our routine, everyday activities. Instead of shining and feeling much better after getting enough rest, it’s the other way around.

Let’s try our best to avoid this feeling, at least this time!

Here are a few simple things which can REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The weekend is ahead of us, an ideal opportunity to take advantage of time for ourselves:

1. Get moving! – Even if you were traveling for the holidays and were constantly moving, this still means getting out of your routine, regular obligations and becoming a bit lazy and relaxed. The answer is simple – count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and get going! Go to the gym, take a quick walk and start a spiral of positive energy which will follow you in the days to come!

2. Inside and outside detox – because unless you are Janka Budimir, there is a large chance you’ve eaten a looooot during the holidays and now it’s time for a little torture. 🙂  The first symptom of overeating is increased dryness of the skin, blemishes such as pimples and impurities and swelling which I often mention and simply hate! Dryness of the skin most often occurs when you are sleep deprived and have had a poor nutrient intake. Try using a hydrating facial mask (Alverde sheet mask Hydro complex is one of the more favorable that gives a very nice effect) and 2-3 layers of facial cream as which absorbs immediately after. If a pimple appears, even after the scrub and mask, try Flogocid cream. Apply it to each blemish, rise and re-apply.

3. Full body massage is something that instantly makes me feel better. I do not have to explain much about the benefits because we all know them well and feel every one of them. If possible, try to treat yourself to a professional massage, and if not, do not let your lack of time or budget prevent you from feeling better – there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet, so you can do the drainage of your face and body as needed.

4. Get touched up – if you spent your holidays at home and in a sweatshirt or pyjama, no matter how relaxing and pleasant that feeling is, it sometimes encourages us to continue looking laid back, messy, without make-up, which will lead to eventually feeling self-conscious and insecure. Change that! Of course, there is nothing worse than getting into a tight black cocktail dress and heels right after the holidays. So don’t. Wear a loose spring dress or whatever else looks classy, but is also comfortable.

Start as soon as possible and become a new YOU!

What are your tricks for recovery after the holidays?

How to look good after the holidays?


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