How to Create New Year’s Resolutions which Last?

The other day, I realized one thing – that suddenly, not even thinking, when I wanted to write New Year’s resolutions for the next year, like I do every year- I realized that I repeat them over and over again, not actually even thinking about what I really want to achieve, what my goals are and if those goals are reachable. I repeat that typical resolutions which seem appropriate: I will try to eat healthier, I will be more focused at work, I will rest longer periods of time..

And I never actually connected to any of those resolutions, truly, from my soul, in a way that I was sure to fulfill them.

Then I decided to write them from the heart, through concrete situations in which I deeply understand that something should be changed.

Some New Year’s resolutions are related to beauty, some to life in general, but each affects health and the reduction of everyday stress. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I am sure that I am not alone, and that a large number of people (at least half), completely forget their New Year’s resolutions by Women’s Day.

Before I share with you my NEW SYSTEM of coming up with New Year’s resolutions, in order to inspire you, I will tell you only one thing: Whatever your decisions for 2019 are, the only way not to copy-paste them for 2020 is to:

1. Come up with only those resolutions which you HONESTLY consider important. The ones which only YOU find important and think will change your life for the better.
2. Write them down, from the heart, to immediately give you a clear reason why it is important that you adhere to them and the benefit which will outcome.
3. Do not overdo it, because in real life – do you think that in a year you can change 35 big things? No. But you can begin with small changes that will transform certain areas of your life completely.

Now, with that in mind, I have written some of my resolutions, and for the first time I really see them somehow close and important, as if I do not want to dodge on the first curve:

1. I will organize my time better by learning to say NO to things I cannot handle, because it actually means YES to other important activities.
2. I will choose healthy food and physical activity because it is a way of not feeling bloated, tired, and swollen especially when I want to glow at certain events.
3. I will prepare all my projects in advance which includes preparing in advance for events as this will increase my self-confidence rather than create nervousness when it comes to the last minute.
4. When I work I will work, and when I rest, then I will rest, because this is the only way to be completely focused on one thing at a time.

Whatever your New Year’s decisions are, I believe that this approach will make them achievable!

Everything written and brought from the heart has a better chance of success!

So, take your time and when you feel ready, go through your New Year’s resolutions and all those that are nonsense, delete!

If they really are important to you – reformulate them so that they mean something and take action. And if some of these decisions are related to a healthier lifestyle – then you are in the right place so start making all the recipes on this website!


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