Happiness Overload

How long do holidays last in your home? Do you remove Christmas decorations as soon as the New Year passes, or do you keep them in tact until after Orthodox Christmas? Experts believe that January and February are the most depressive months of the year and that so-called post-holiday depression is a frequent occurrence among many people. The New Year euphoria is over, we are slowly returning to reality, in which obligations, bills and cold and dull weather are waiting for us. This atmosphere makes people of all ages, despite their family and friends being around, feel blue and unhappy.

But … NOT the Djurovski family!!! Our ISC family celebrates throughout all of January! The Christmas tree still stands untouched (although without gifts because Maxim opened all of them), the home is magically decorated and Marko, Marija and Maksim are keeping their holiday pajamas a compulsory autofit. This year, little Matea started to enjoy holidays together with them, so all four members come up with various games to overcome this period. Today it’s “raining” baby spinach…

Do not let the cold winter months make you unhappy, instead follow Maria’s suggestions on how to handle post-holiday depression:

1. Make a breakdown of bills and debts, as well as a plan that will help you feel ready, organized, and relaxed.
2. Renovate something in the house, paint the wall in another color, rearrange the cabinets or drawers … Why wait for spring? Every change is pleasant and gives a sense of relief.
3. Spend an hour once or twice a week enjoying a massage a bubble bath, which will help you to turn your thoughts away from current issues and problems.
4. Start moving! Exercise at least three times a week at the gym or at home by watching video training tutorials prepared by our fitness instructor, Janka Budimir.
5. Enjoy more time with family and friends. Try to be surrounded by people who you love and who love you back.
6. Be persistent in your New Year’s resolutions! Every achievement gives us satisfaction, which in turn makes us happier!

Don’t let post-holiday depression affect you! Take action!


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