What is Fusion cuisine?

Fusion cuisine is a creative expression of the modern world and currently a leading culinary directive based on the belief that any food from different parts of the world can be combined to produce the perfect meal. The combination of diametrically different flavors allows for the unique journey of the senses. It is characterized by only one rule which states that the dish must be extremely tasty. Through conventional geographical, historical boundaries and various cultures, a fusion of taste is guaranteed.

The roots of fusion cuisine are ancient, as people have been travelling and exchanging culinary heritage for centuries. However, the concept itself was popularized in the 1970s, when several French chefs began offering food combined with Asian cuisine. Since then, the idea of combining foods, procedures and methods of preparation has spread to America, Asian and European cities.

The revolutionary discovery of Fusion was based on the fact that humans are instinctive beings who want to eat numerous foods at once. Therefore if you think you have tasted all the planetary cuisines, prepare yourself for a new fusion of flavors.

Iceberg Salat Centar, a renowned company with over 30 years of experience specializing in the cultivation and processing of lettuce, fruits and vegetables, is introducing this innovative concept to the domestic market, thus setting new trends in the domain of healthy lifestyle. Once again, this well-known brand opted to expand the boundaries of consuming plain lettuce by launching a range of Fusion products (Fusion salads and sweets), thus introducing a new concept of cuisine to Serbia.


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