Beauty Changes Which Will Make You Look and Feel Better

You know that feeling when you look at pictures or you run into a familiar personal and you think – WOW, she became really pretty!
Then you search for the details which caused this positive change in appearance and you stop to think if it was something that she had aesthetically corrected on her face, if not, what is it? Although in some cases this change is indeed caused by plastic surgery,  most facial corrections are usually a result of a few simple everyday things, which have a huge impact on beauty and self-confidence.
After reading this list, you will probably find and recognize the alterations in appearance of the women you saw and realize how they have changed in the previous period.

So, let’s start from the first thing that has nothing to do with aesthetics:

1. FOCUS ON STUFF WHICH LOOKS GOOD ON YOU – although it sounds easier said than done, this is the true starting point of a better look. Why? Because you need to be content with yourself. Focusing on positive aspects promotes self-confidence and a creates a good inner feeling, which results in you feeling and being more attractive to others. It also provides a clear insight into what you need to emphasize. 

2. STYLE YOUR HAIR – find the right color and haircut and learn a few ways to independently make a beautiful hairstyle EVERY DAY, because believe me: I did not dream of how much hair affects beauty until I started to style mine differently. Beautiful hair really raises confidence. I used to often be without a hairstyle, but since I got used to styling it, I feel and look a lot different, even when I’m in a sweat suit wearing no make-up.

3. REDIFINE YOUR EYEBROWS –nothing, seriously nothing changes the face like eyebrows which look natural. Find a good professional who will shape them, explain how you want them to look and ask them whether you should add shading. If you do not have your own eyebrows – get a tattoo. But believe me, a good eyebrow rejuvenates and opens the eye, gives the face a frame, emphasizes beauty, promotes self-confidence and creates a beautiful look without make-up.

4. FIND YOUR STYLE –of make-up and wardrobe which will be easy enough for you to adhere to every day, highlight your virtues the right way and camouflage the flaws. Each woman is an individual for herself – do not copy anyone’s style but try different things until you understand what’s best for you. For starters – the simpler, the better.

5. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – in every sense, from sleeping enough, positive thinking, nourishment, nutrition and working-out. Taking a bit of time out of your everyday schedule, no matter how short, brings out self-confidence. The feeling that you know you have done something positive for yourself is a real enjoyment. When your mindset starts functioning in this way, your appearance will definitely improve!

And believe me, each of these tips are from personal experience. I’ve always been someone who has been able to visualize and emphasize my positive sides, but I ignored things such as hairstyle and eyebrow shape, for example, which was a mistake.
I realize through time that ME, the woman from before, on pictures, is the same girl just a lot prettier and much more self-confident. The change which I made by applying these few tips is much greater than the change made by my lip correction.

Try out these tips if you want to look better than ever in 2019!

beauty changes which make you look and feel better than ever


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