30 Things I Learned in My 30’s

To be precise, I’ve learned 303 things in the past 30 years – some things came from negative personal experiences, some learnings from trying things out myself and realizing what works best and what simply does not.

I will share with you those 30 which I feel every woman should know:

1. Always remove make-up before bed. Always! There is no need to explain, the skin itself will show you in a couple of years what happens when you don’t abide. I’ve never done otherwise so I cannot tell you from personal experience, but I have seen women who slept with make-up all their life and let me just say I feel sorry for them.

2. Do not opt for the usual facial and body products, but rather adapt to the current needs of the skin and learn to distinguish them. You may need a bit of experience, but once you get a hang of realizing your skin’s needs you will always be glowing. The products used in summer are simply not the same as the ones in winter.

3. Do not squeeze out pimples and black heads on your own! Do not squeeze out pimples and black heads on your own! Do not squeeze out pimples and black heads on your own!

4. Use hair-masks at least once a month because applying any heat to the hair harms it and once your hair gets destroyed it can never look as shiny and beautiful as healthy hair. Leave hair-masks in over night, the effect is gorgeous!

5. Cut your hair at least every two months. Even though it won’t promote hair growth, it will make it appear healthier.

6. Bring in constant changes to your life! Simple little things like a new lipstick, earrings, hairstyle, food regime will give you more energy and a better feeling about yourself. You will become instantly motivated.

7. If you wear glasses, substitute them for contacts! You can used colored contacts and experiment with make-up techniques, but eyes are a reflection of the soul and they should not be hidden.

8. Wear only clothes which suit your boy shape, do not follow trends. There is nothing weirder than showing up in some baggy, messy clothes just because they are in but do not suit you.

9. Beauty is mostly what we make of it. Take care of yourself and you will always be beautiful.

10. Do anything you can to fix the complexion of your skin, nails and teeth. These three elements are a mirror, they not only promote good looks, but are also taken in account from a hygienic point of view. When your skin, nails and teeth are looking good, a 1000RSD dress will look like a million dollars.

11. Nobody normal looks at a single element on a person’s appearance but they check a person out as a whole. You should do the same for yourself. Emphasize certain elements of your appearance and believe me, it will make an overall difference.

12. Change everything you do not like if it will make you happy. Make-up, wardrobe, nose, mouth, with the help of beauty products or plastic surgery, anything that will make you feel confident.

13. Use your own beauty tips and tricks for make-up, hair, clothes, because no stylist nor hairdresser knows how you feel when you put something on you do not like or wear a haircut you do not feel comfortable with.

14. A food regime without sugar, flour and milk can do a lot of good within a few days! A lot! You will see an enormous difference in the appearance of your complexion and body mass.

15. Different make-up is applied for different age groups and believe me, 2-3 years can make a huge difference. Understand your face, counters, wrinkles and adjust.

16. Always know how to dress-up and help yourself feel and look better. Every girl and woman needs to learn the basics of how to be get ready in any situation even when there is no help from someone on the side – hairdresser, makeup artist.

17. You do not have to try it all – as in life, in beauty there are some things which are better left untried. Spare yourself some mistakes.

18. Do not over-pluck your eyebrows! When we look back at pictures of ourselves with over-plucked eyebrows which was the trend a few years back, we really looked horrific, right? Trends of our grandmothers are coming back, thick eyebrows are in and give a natural look. Get your eyebrows plucked by a professional, you are not one!

19. Have your own beauty team, it’s not just for Hollywood stars. And not a beauty team for every day but of experts you trust and who you rely on things that emphasize your beauty and good feeling.

20. ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS focus first on the overall picture and then on the details. Get a yearly medical exam, see a gynecologist, get your teeth cleaned at the dentist and then go get your nails done.

21. You will always have your own criteria of beauty, what makes you happy and makes you feel good. For someone, it’s a red lipstick and a tight black cocktail dress, for others it’s a sweatshirt and sneakers and that is fine. With neat hair, white teeth and as long as you can say “I care about myself and it makes me feel great” – that’s all you need.

22. Exercise and working out does miracles for the body. Even when we are tired, lazy or bored, we must do whatever we can not to skip training! The point is not to always look skinny, and in-shape but to be healthy and take care of yourself. In the future, you will be thankful you worked out.

23. Some things such as nail gel and DIY hair ideas really save time. If you are always in a rush, see which techniques will help you look good in a short amount of time.

24. Care products really make a difference. The brand and price. Read the labels and product information and see what each care product you use contains.

25. Do not underestimate the power of water. Many women struggle with drinking enough fluids, but for me it has always been completely normal to drink 2l every day. I believe that it affects complexion greatly and smoothes the skin.

26. Be careful with treatments and interventions. Always ask questions, think and choose the right experts, procedures and reasons for doing anything – from the anti-cellulite treatments to plastic surgery.

27. Use all the inspiration you can get – YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram. So many incredible ideas can be found out there, so many beauty solutions, tips … The Internet and influencers can be a real inspiration and a driver if you want them to.

28. There is always that shade of rose, nail polish and concealer that is a perfect match with your skin tone and needs – a color which suddenly makes you look amazing!

29. Work on yourself from the inside because inner satisfaction builds the exterior. Peace, harmony with yourself, and the development of character have an impact on beauty, charisma and “something” which only Serbs posses.

30. Do not compare yourself to others! Someone has a smaller, prettier nose, bigger eyes, plump lips, and it will always be this way. Rather see them as an inspiration to change or to do something which will make you feel happy with yourself.

Which major tips and tricks do you use?

30 Things I Learned in My 30's


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