You Drive Me Crazy

Moms, how often do you feel like you are going to “explode” from the amount of obligations you have? You catch yourself constantly in a rush trying to achieve everything you had planned, but the day is simply too short? You do not have a minute of time for yourself and the list of errands, chores and routine assignments keeps getting longer? And… on top of all your current problems, at the end of the day, your children do not even listen to you? It is understandable that children seek attention and that they are demanding, but if you are tired and beat it is also normal not to be 100% dedicated to them. This is the reality if a modern woman in the 21st century.

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In moments of fatigue, when kids drive us crazy, nervousness arises, and we feel like we are going to go completely insane. This is when it is almost impossible to be a stable and calm-acting parent. Remember that your reaction at that given moment depends solely on the type of personality and level of tolerance you have. Many parents shout at kids, punish them, spank them or apply any custom-tactic which will alleviate their own stress.

Maxim was very disobedient today, in such a way that Marko and Maria did not know what to do, so they found an unusual solution – they strapped him to the wall! Yes, you read well! They realized this was the only way for Maxim to start behaving.

children-parenting-kid-kids-child-disobedience-misbehaving-misbehavior-family-values-mom-dad-son-daughter-Iceberg Salat Centar

Of course…that was just a joke!

Maria solves Maxims tantum tantrums and acts of disobedience by first calming herself down and then her child. We agree with this tactic, do you? As a parent it is our job to pose as the authority figure, be strong and composed, even when we feel like the world is about to crumble beneath us. If you explode when your kid is misbehaving, he will remember your reaction and repeat his mischief again and again to obtain your attention.

It takes a lot of hard work to be a stable and dedicated parent, so here are a few tips Maria has in store:
1. Shorten your list of obligations by eliminating the ones which are less important
2. Sleep enough, drink plenty of liquids and eat heathy to have the optimum amount of energy for everyday challenges
3. Try to forget all problems and issues when spending time with your little ones
4. Turn of your TV, mobile phones and tablets and spend quality time playing with your children
5. Be calm and put a smile on your face because this is the image they will remember

Keep in mind that every day is unique because your munchkins will never be as old as they are today! Therefore, think your actions through and give your kids the childhood they deserve.

children-parenting-kid-kids-child-disobedience-misbehaving-misbehavior-family-values-mom-dad-son-daughter-Iceberg Salat Centar


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