The Scariest Night of the Year

Buahaha, Halloween is approaching, not just the spookiest but probably the most interesting night of the year! How do you mark this holiday, how do you bring out the festive mood for your little ones? Do you prepare special sweets, carve pumpkins to look scary or dress-up with your children and tell stories?family-halloween-pumpkins-carving-carving pumpkins-activites-fun-games-trick or treat-spooky-scary-Iceberg Salat Centar

Maria woke up early to go to the green market and purchase 6 round, orange, chubby pumpkins, easy to carve. She gave Marko and Maxim two pumpkins each and left the same amount for herself. All three of them will practice carving pumpkins in preparation for the carving tournament on Wednesday, October 31st. Why? Because Maria wants this day to be another day spent doing creative and fun things with the family! Maxim was given a marker to draw a scary figure on the pumpkin, and then a plastic knife and spoon to cut the shapes and spoon-out the seeds. When Maxim completed his pumpkin, Dad helped him cut and scoop out the parts he did not manage alone. Buahahahaa, the perfect family activity!

Take a look at Maria’s instructions for carving a pumpkin which she shared with us last pumpkins-activites-fun-games-trick or treat-spooky-scary-Iceberg Salat Centar

There is a widespread belief that the customs of Halloween and the holiday in general are not in accordance with our faith and traditions. Do you know the history relating to Halloween? There is a reason you probably don’t know. Namely, Halloween is not a national or religious holiday, therefore the history and tradition of this day are not important. The idea of this holiday is having fun and creating unforgettable family memories. Halloween should be just another reason to prepare dress-up games and activities for your kids to enjoy! And be sure – you’ll have fun as well!

family-halloween-pumpkins-carving-carving pumpkins-activites-fun-games-trick or treat-spooky-scary-Iceberg Salat Centar


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