Life is a Fairy Tale

Moms, which kind of stories do you tell your kids? Do you read them books, make up fairy tales, or tell stories from your childhood? Stories are great for children because the characters in books or made-up fairy tales become their role-models and these role-models teach them how to behave or which action to take in certain situations. Books also widen horizons and help little ones develop imagination skills, which are essential for creativity later on in tale-aliens-space-Iceberg Salat Centar-Mom-Dad-Child-Children-Kids

Maria reads bed-time stories to Maxim every night and the ones with aliens are his favorite! Igrid, an alien living on Jupiter, became his imaginary friend whom he visits with his Mom and Dad often. Igrid has taught Maxim letters, colors, numbers and many fun facts about the world around us. He has also impacted on Maxim’s positive behavior and friendship skills. family-fun-storytelling-fairy tale-aliens-space-Iceberg Salat Centar-Mom-Dad-Child-Children-Kids

There are many benefits to children from everyday storytelling. It has been scientifically proven that careful listening requires concentration and intellectual activity which helps the brain to develop properly. Fictional and cartoon characters from children’s stories are made-up figures from whom they can gain much knowledge from. Moreover, reading books involves learning new words, which thus enriches the child’s vocabulary and helps master phrases. Of course, the most important advantage is fun and relaxation. Reading a story is an ideal way to spend quality time and get closer to your kids!family-fun-storytelling-fairy tale-aliens-space-Iceberg Salat Centar-Mom-Dad-Child-Children-Kids


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