It’s Dad’s Turn

Today is a tiring day for Daddy Marko! Maria had a lot of errands to run, so she left Marko to take care of Maxim all day by himself! So far, they stayed alone for two, three hours, but no more than that, so Marko himself found himself in a somewhat unusual situation. Where will they go, what will they do, what they will eat…These were all questions he had no answers to.

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However, although completely unprepared, Dad quickly figured everything out. He made Maxim his favorite breakfast, after which he came up with games suitable for his age. Soon they were playing mini-basketball, juggling with pineapples, acting out ghosts, skipping the pineapple without touching it…and, of course, competing in everything. After lunch, in the afternoon, exhausted from all the games, they fell asleep on the couch where Maria found them upon her arrival.

family-family values-dad-mom-kid-kids-children-life-love-happiness-Iceberg Salat Centar

What a fun day! Knowing Marko, we knew he would manage. Best of all, the two of them had a great time and bonded like never before! At the end of the day, Marko suggested that Maria takes one day off each week so he can spend quality time alone with his son.

Spending time with children involves adapting to their age, which allows adults, to become child-like for again. With children, jumping, throwing and yelling is allowed, so why not use it? Such moments are memorable and help us forget all the current problems and obligations of everyday life.

Moms, do you leave Dad to take care of the kids? Does Dad help you prep family meals? Does he put the kids to sleep or tell bedtime stories?Write to us in comments bellow, we want to hear your experiences!

family-family values-dad-mom-kid-kids-children-life-love-happiness-Iceberg Salat Centar


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