What are Fusion salads?


An unusual experience of combined flavors, united by harmony, is an innovation which we use to create every bite of Fusion salads. Fusion salads are combinations of sweet, salty and sour ingredients mixed together to produce a unique pleasurable experience. The taste is aimed to awaken a sense of power in every bite. Welcome new, magnificent salads such as Welcome Hawaii, Mexico with Love, London Life, Alaska in Heart, Oriental Spirit, Vegan Mystery, Waldorf Fresh & Honey in the warmth of your own home.

Nurturing the tradition and culture of the country from which each salad originated, we give her an opportunity to meet and make friends with other salads on a global level. The crown of that acquaintance will be a real fusion of taste. Every friendship is miraculous, turbulent, unforgettable and leaves a mark, like the seal of authentic Iceberg Salad Center salads.

The unity of multicultural tastes will satisfy all your senses, while the vibrant colors contribute to ultimate hedonism. Our aim is for each consumer to become a part of the world’s leading gastronomic trend which has been carefully created together with a team of the best chefs. Combining experience, family tradition and tastes of cuisines from different destinations, we present you with a revolutionary culinary refreshment.

Fusion salads have a specific structure which make them the perfectly balanced meal. Their rich composition is made up of a combination of lettuce, carbs and protein, with fruits, vegetables and dressing at the top which completes and enriches its juicy taste, making a complete meal.

A new standard of salad flavor!

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