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FUSION SALADS by Iceberg Salat Centar

Welcome Hawaii
Dance to the sounds of exotic ingredients and flavors and indulge in a gastronomic hedonistic adventure.
Ingredients: Family mix lettuce, chicken, quinoa mix, sesame mix, edamame soya beans, pineapple, cherry tomato, avocado, cocktail sauce, soy sauce, balsamic cream.

Mexico with Love
Experience an unusual combination of Latino flavors with an explosion in every bite.
Ingredients: Family mix lettuce, ground beef, black rice, sesame mix, red beans, sweet corn, peppers, hot peppers, carrots, mayo hot sauce, balsamic cream.

London Life
Experience a vision of the future as you indulge in powerful bites of the present.
Ingredients: Toscana lettuce, medium roasted beef, integral rice, crispy peas, carrots, radishes, pickles, purple cabbage, mayo & mustard sauce, soy sauce, balsamic cream.
Available in KETO option (without rice, with added eggs and chickpeas).

Alaska in Heart
Dive into the icy depths of Alaska and indulge in the colorful sea bites set to warm you up.
Ingredients: Toscana lettuce, raw or grilled salmon, quinoa mix, edible flowers, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomato, mango, French sauce, soy sauce, balsamic cream.

Oriental Spirit
Experience a wild feast of aromatic flavors inspired by the enchanting, oriental eastern tradition.
Ingredients: Family mix salad, tuna, barley, sesame mix, marinated red ginger, cucumber, red beans, sweet corn, carrot, oyster sauce, soy sauce, balsamic cream.
Available in KETO option (without barley, with the addition of eggs and chickpeas).

Vegan Mystery
Enter a mysterious garden with a hint of magic, and taste the sophistication of unknown flavors.
Ingredients: Family mix lettuce, grilled tofu cheese with sesame, black rice, buckwheat flakes, marinated red ginger, carrot, chickpeas, cherries, cucumber, miso sauce, soy sauce, balsamic cream.

Waldorf Fresh & Honey
Direct your thoughts towards positive changes and the feeling of freedom in the sweetness of every bite.
Ingredients: Baby mix salad, celery (stem and leaf), parsley, chopped hazelnut, apple, cherry tomato, lemon & honey sauce.

FUSION SWEETS by Iceberg Salat Centar

Avocado Fusion Cake
Turn a sweet fantasy into an edible pleasure with a portion of magnificent flavors.
Ingredients: Wellness biscuit (crushed), avocado, frozen fruit, dates, lime juice, stevia, coconut oil, coconut protein.

Mango Fusion Cake
Indulge in a tropical refreshment and the seductiveness of taste in each and every rich, creamy bite.
Ingredients: Wellness biscuits (crushed), mango, chopped almonds, lime juice, stevia, coconut oil, coconut protein.

A new standard of salad flavor!

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