How to Make an Edible Basket

Creativity in the kitchen has endless possibilities. The dishes can be so beautifully and skillfully prepared, formed or decorated to evoke comments such as “I would eat the bowl how good it looks”.
Follow our tips below to make an edible bowl (basket).

(for the filling)
– ½ cup raw sunflower seeds
– 2 roasted peppers
– 1 Tbsp. white cheese spread (with ½ Tsp. salt, pepper, minced parsley)
– 2 Tbsp. olive oil
– 1 clove garlic

(for the filling)
1. Combine all ingredients, refrigerate and serve cold.

(for the mini baskets)
– Tortillas
– Muffin
– Olive oil

(for the mini baskets)
1. Slice the tortillas into thick strips (the width should be the same as the width of the mold opening) and cut them in half. Place them crosswise in the opening of the mold, shape them nicely so that no cavities remain on the side (if the edges protrude too much above the opening, cut them with a knife or scissors).
2. Lightly grease the tortillas with olive oil and bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Take them out of the oven, let them cool and then fill them with the contents as desired.
3. While prepping the basket, you can snack on it.
Decorate as desired (our proposal is presented on the image above).

For Klub zdravih navika: Katarina Stojković, Veseli Zalogaji. 


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